More and more solid organizations trust their safety to the professionals of our concern. Why? But because the business should be built for profit and not on the risks. And while shops, productions, warehouses perform their direct functions, its rear reliably covered by specialists of «Rodina» Security Concern. In June 2019 “Terranova” clothing shop network […]


And there is an accession again in the rows of our clients! Today under a reliable protection of «Rodina» Security Concern professionals are shop networks of the Adidas in Kursk, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Lipetsk, Murmansk and Novosibirsk. In total 11 outlets have entrusted us the security of their business and property. Our employees responsibly approach the […]

Security group «Rodina» acknowledges the price of health

Security group «Rodina» acknowledges the price of health and supports sport by any means. For two years already our company sponsors the «Souz» hockey team – a team of passionate hockey lovers aged from 5 to 50. Love to hockey and will-to-win spirit unites people from all walks of life from Kursk. Under the command […]

day airborne forces in the city of Czechs

The annual celebration of the Day of the Airborne Forces, organized for 9 years in a row and is a bright and interesting event in the life of the city. Every year the holiday is becoming more ambitious, this year the intensive program included: paratrooper demonstration performances with the participation of military special equipment, athletic […]

The legendary squad is a knight 40 years old

On June 1, 2018, a solemn meeting of veterans of the legendary Vityaz Special Forces unit was held in Crocus City Hall, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of its establishment. them. F. Dzerzhinsky. And throughout the entire period, she took an active part in various special operations to eliminate riots, free hostages and ensure security.

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