security of retail facilities, trats, mass events, industry, logistics
Since 2008, the company has developed skills in the successful organization of security in various business segments. Homeland - this is a group of companies, I am one of the largest in Russia
The Concern "Rodina" provides comprehensive protection of your movable and immovable property with the use of technical means of protection of objects.
When conducting cultural and sporting events, business conferences and presentations, promotions, demonstrations, rallies and processions, it is necessary to pay much attention to ensuring the safety of all participants.
In the business world there are enough reasons to fear for their property: finance, real estate, information, etc. But most importantly - personal safety and protection of their loved ones.
Specialists of the Concern "Rodina" will conduct a comprehensive survey of your facility and identify vulnerable places in the security system, as well as develop recommendations for addressing deficiencies and raising their level.