Installation and maintenance of security equipment

The Homeland Security Concern provides comprehensive protection for your movable and immovable property using the technical means of guarding objects. We use the most modern technical means of protection: CCTV, security and alarm systems, access control and management, fire alarms, anti-theft systems and metal detectors, which allow for prompt response to adverse changes in the situation. The primary task of ensuring technical security of any enterprise is the introduction of modern integrated technical means of protecting facilities in conjunction with organizational measures: access control system and internal facility mode, round-the-clock monitoring of the situation in the protected area and monitoring the performance of all systems to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise. A significant advantage of such systems is that their use minimizes the effect of unstable human factors on the level of security.

Design and installation of integrated security systems

Design and installation of integrated Private Security Company "Rodina" will provide comprehensive protection of your property using modern technical means of protection. The range of services includes: security systems

    • Designing security systems: technical audit of the facility and the adjacent territory, development of an optimal layout of equipment, preparation of design and estimate documentation;
    • Installation work: installation, connection and configuration of all elements of the security system by qualified professionals.
The integrated security system from the Rodina company will provide comprehensive control of the situation at the facility, will be the guarantor of protection of property from intentional damage and theft, and will minimize damage from emergency situations. To order a design and installation of a fire alarm or consult a specialist, call toll-free 8-800-500-11-1188, order a callback or fill out the feedback form.