Security events

Protection of public events - the general procedure for When conducting cultural and sports events, business conferences and presentations, promotions, demonstrations, rallies and processions, great attention is required to be paid to ensuring the safety of all participants. Careful preparation and coordinated actions of security officers will not only avoid emergency situations and unlawful actions, but also ensure order during mass events. It is important to understand that the organizers of the event are responsible for maintaining law and order in the territory of the event, creating the necessary conditions for the safety of participants and visitors and fire safety. Therefore, the choice of a professional security company is an important organizational moment. Employees of the Concern "Homeland" provide services for the protection of public order during public events, protect the lives and health of participants, as well as the property of the organizers, monitor compliance with the rules of conduct in public places and fire safety. The following measures are taken in the protection of public events
  • Check the object before the event;
  • Pass mode (face control, stopping the penetration of unwanted faces and carrying
  • prohibited items (weapons, explosives, drugs, alcohol);
  • Coordination of the flow of participants;
  • Restricting access to service areas and rooms;
  • Conflict prevention;
  • Object patrol;
  • Check object after the event
Security of mass events is a planned interaction of the units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Central Internal Affairs Directorate and the security organization. At the same time, a set of organizational security measures are being developed and carried out: areas of responsibility and algorithms of actions in various situations are defined, forces and means are distributed, communications are organized between departments. An important and responsible role in resolving issues of organizing the protection of mass and sporting events is assigned to the security company. Of course, you need to trust only an experienced organization.