Security audit

Specialists of the Concern "Homeland" will conduct a comprehensive survey of your facility and identify unprotected places in the security system, as well as develop recommendations to correct the deficiencies and increase its level. The reliability of your system depends on many factors, and above all - on its technological resource. Over time, the system becomes obsolete, which is unacceptable in such a dynamic environment as security and can lead to extremely negative consequences. Activities that we use in auditing:
  • Comprehensive analysis of the security system (inspection of the facility, study of its features and specifics: inspection of the premises and the surrounding area, engineering equipment, identification and analysis of risk factors at the facility).
  • Suggestions for optimizing the security system (developing a scheme for arranging security posts, routes for territorial territory regulation, developing job descriptions for security personnel, recommendations for replacing or further configuring equipment for technical security equipment (reducing the impact of human factors through the use of modern integrated security technology).