Private security

In the business world there are enough reasons to fear for your property: finance, real estate, information, etc. But the most important thing is personal security and the protection of your loved ones. Today, the personal bodyguard ceases to be a hero from a Hollywood film and becomes an integral part of your life and your protection. Personal security is most in demand in Moscow and other cities with millionaires. The personal bodyguard of each should be focused on the performance of the main task - the prevention, detection and elimination of any threat to the life and health of the client. Personal security provides a quiet life and creates the conditions for your fruitful work or good rest. For a professional bodyguard, attentiveness, interest, ability to respond quickly and adequately to various situations are important. In addition to intellectual abilities, bodyguards of the Concern "Homeland" possess the skills of quick decision-making, know how to handle weapons, and possess methods of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. External data of the personal security guard correspond to the goals and wishes of the client, however his professional qualities will always be of the utmost, if you are dealing with an employee of a professional agency. Personal bodyguard services are provided depending on the needs of the client for any period under the contract and may include:
  • Maintenance 24/7. This is the most effective way of personal protection, involving round the clock monitoring of the situation.
  • Day / night security. Suitable for those who need a bodyguard only at work or, on the contrary, only during off-hours.
  • Bodyguard hourly, used to ensure security during negotiations or events.
  • Driver-bodyguard. A professional driver ensures your safety and the safety of your property while driving.
  • Accompanying family members. Family bodyguard will be close to your loved ones. Including our experts can provide services of a children's bodyguard in Moscow and regions