Console Guard and Immediate Response Group

Technical progress and qualified personnel on guard of your property. The remote control project is one of the most modern and affordable ways to ensure the security of your enterprises.

Rodina Security Concern has high-tech devices that are convenient and easy to install and operate. It takes up little space and does not require special equipment and personnel training.

Our experts will inspect your facility and prepare a project for the installation of the most effective means of signaling.

Choosing a console security system will not only save you from the potential physical insecurity but also control the exorbitant costs associated with safety in your facility

At the same time, in the event of an emergency, the dispatchers of the central monitoring station immediately receive a signal and send the Immediate Response Group crew to the source.

A mobile group of armed guards will arrive in the targeted organization as soon as possible, thus preventing unauthorized entry and attempts to steal your property.

In doing so, it saves your company of incurring unnecessary costs and expenses of employing professionals daily to secure your property. The installation of this security system and the warning devices will be instrumental to your organization in case of threat of attack.

The remote control project is mostly in demand in the following segments:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Banks and currency exchange points
  • Medical and educational institutions
  • Shops and warehouses
  • Administrative institutions

The remote control project presents a rational approach to the issue of security, an objective assessment of the capabilities of modern means of protection, as well as the effective use of financial resources.

Do you want to provide your property with reliable and affordable protection, free from unnecessary expenses? Order a remote control project from the specialists of the Rodina Security Concern! Our main task is to protect your interests!