Physical security of facilities

Physical security is a package of measures aimed at people and material values protection performed by guards.

The security group «Rodina» offers physical security services to individuals, commercial entities, government institutions, warehouses, trade centres and other facilities.

Our staff are highly qualified guard professionals. Their work experience and skills help you protect your property from any threat.

Why does one need physical security

Physical security services are always required as they solve numerous security tasks, such as: protection from unlawful acts against employees and clients; prevention of thievery and damage to equipment, buildings, commodities and materials; prompt reaction to emergency situations; abidance by fire and sanitation standards and safety rules, etc.

Physical security services provided by a private security company are unexpendable when reacting to emergency situations. Guards take immediate measures for solving such situations and counteracting threats to employees, visitors and commodities and materials as they stay exactly at a facility. They keep well-functioning and operation of facilities secured.

The following principles let supervise facilities permanently and identify and counteract threats:

  • Visual control (technical security equipment operators)
  • Stationary guard post
  • Mobile guard posts (patrol)

How to secure a facility physically

Physical security organisation includes potential risks evaluation, development and implementation of an efficient control scheme over facilities and territories related.

The following measures help to bring such schemes into action:

  • Security posts and pass-offices setting up for face control and documents verification
  • 24-hours physical security of a facility
  • Facilities and related territories patrol
  • Property protection, material values and documents supervision
  • Protection from objectionable individuals’ intrusions
  • Peace and order keeping, first aid, etc.

The cost for physical security services

The cost for physical security services depends on the aims of clients. Our specialists evaluate potential threats to a facility and develop an efficient security plan to satisfy your demands.

We develop a unique security package for every facility to provide complete and flexile protection.

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