Consulting services

Information Security

Protection of enterprise information space: local network, e-mail, database and work files. Specialists of Rodina design bureau are working to pre-empt (protection of information resources), prevent and eliminate the consequences of any threats, both internal (from the side of employees - entering malicious files, information theft, changing and deleting corporate data) and external (hacker attacks). Some basic measures to ensure information security:
  • User authentication;
  • Logging and auditing;
  • Filtering data packets;
  • Using a firewall;
  • Email Protection;
  • Permanent monitoring of the state of computers in the local network;
  • Selective data access restriction.

Legal advice

Professional lawyers working in the State of Homeland Security Concern are ready to offer legal solutions to your problems, help you build possible prospects for the development of the situation with different decisions and describe their legal consequences. During the consultation, the lawyer will analyze the relevant legislation, make a general legal assessment of the situation and write a legal opinion. Our experts are ready to help you in the field of civil, labor, contract, tax and insurance law. We provide services in the following cases:
  • Termination and conclusion of contracts;
  • Recognition of property rights;
  • Indemnification, recovery of debt, compensation for harm;
  • Consultation on tax issues, tax calculations and deductions;
  • Protection of rights at the stage of appealing decisions of tax authorities;
  • The contract of sale, donation, delivery;
  • Other treaties of civil nature.

Detective services

Our detectives, professionals in the field of investigation and search for information, are ready to give you any help. You are guaranteed complete confidentiality of the performance of the service, provision of highly qualified employees with experience in the special services, unconditional observance only of your interests in any situations.
  • Collection of information about the object (identification of negative or criminal aspects in the activities location of the property);
  • Identification of unreliable and insolvent partners;
  • Preparation of an information dossier on a partner or competitor;
  • Search for hiding debtors;
  • Detecting cheating, alibi checking;
  • External surveillance of the object (pedestrian, car).

Registration of legal entities

State registration of a legal entity for an enterprise means obtaining the right to conduct commercial activities. Registration of activities is necessary not only for companies, but also for individuals who plan to become individual entrepreneurs and to have the opportunity to carry out business transactions. Registration of a legal entity through the Homeland Security Concern includes various services:
  • Counseling on the choice of the optimal form of economic activity;
  • Legal advice on company registration;
  • Preparation of documents for the tax inspection (application for registration, protocol, charter, order, powers of attorney);
  • Registration of a legal entity in the Social Insurance Fund, Pension Fund and other structures;
  • Naming, corporate identity creation and printing.