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Men! Defenders! Warriors!

Congratulations to all of us on February 23!

May we have peace and prosperity! May we use weapons as little as possible! May we conquer ourselves, reaching another goal!

And let each of us always be able to protect ourselves, our home, our family, and our Homeland! Cheers to us!

02 / 10 / 2019

September turned out to be very sporty – and that’s great!

It’s no secret that running is a universal physical activity. It helps to improve health, helps to lose weight, and build specific muscle groups, and it also increases endurance. Also, regular running in the fresh air improves your mood and introduces you to like-minded people.

The security group «Rodina,» with great pleasure, supported the Moscow Running Marathon and sponsored the event.

And in this marathon, each participant turned out to be a winner: over laziness, over resistance, and tiredness! Keep it up!

30 / 09 / 2019

The firearms competition took place in the Nizhny Novgorod region. It gathered the best shooters of Russian Special Forces.

It was created in memory of the Airborne Guard Captain Dmitry Zhidkov, and it is being held for the third time.

Its spectators and direct participants were teenagers with a difficult fate and bright eyes. It may be these guys who will soon join the ranks of special forces.

The best shooters were awarded medals and diplomas and also received valuable prizes. However, in such events, the most important thing is team spirit, exchange of experience, and communication with experts in their field! The strategic alliance “Rodiyar” supported the Special Forces and sponsored the competition.

Good news to everyone who uses the services of the courier service “DPD”!
From September 1, 2019, a private limited liability company, Rodina LLC started guarding three terminals for the delivery of items in Moscow. Congratulations to DPD RUS JSC on choosing a reliable security partner!

23 / 08 / 2019

Security company “Rodina” is always on guard of your calm!  You work, have a rest,  go shopping – and we perform our duties and control the situation!So, from August, shopping entertainment center “Bravo” is under the responsibility of our specialists.Come for the new things and be sure – here you are in absolute safety, being under our reliable protection!

Security concern “Rodina” extends the geography of presence: perimeters of Efes plants in Kaluga and Vladivostok have entered under the reliable guard of highly qualified specialists
There is nothing impossible for us! We are ready to provide the security on the client`s territory in any point of Russian Federation! .

More and more solid organizations trust their safety to the professionals of our concern. Why? But because the business should be built for profit and not on the risks. And while shops, productions, warehouses perform their direct functions, its rear reliably covered by specialists of «Rodina» Security Concern.

In June 2019 “Terranova” clothing shop network became our client in St. Petersburg.

It is known for certain at EFES plants – that’s why the manufacture was transferred under the reliable protection of our professionals. We provide the best conditions for our clients – so that they prosper and increase their profits.

26 / 03 / 2019

The security group «Rodina» acted as the general sponsor of the Fifth International Mixed Martial Arts Tournament “OSE” in memory of the paratroopers of the 6th company of the 76th Pskov Airborne Division “Height 776”, which took place on March 9-10 in Kursk.

Fighters of KSE “ARTA” took part in the competition and took prizes:

1st place in the 60 kg category Samokhvalov Vladislav

2nd place in the 80 kg category Ermakov Denis

3d place in the 65 kg category Ilya Elmanov

4th place in the 55 kg category Schegholikhin Timofei

Congratulations to the athletes with decent results!

Security group «Rodina» acknowledges the price of health and supports sport by any means.

For two years already our company sponsors the «Souz» hockey team – a team of passionate hockey lovers aged from 5 to 50.

Love to hockey and will-to-win spirit unites people from all walks of life from Kursk.

Under the command of A.M.Kurasov the team gained several victories in regional tournaments in a short period of time:

Head of the Oktyabrsky District Cup – 2nd place

Christmas Cup of the Oktyabrsky District – 1st place Our security group will continue supporting a healthy interest in sports and contributing to the victories of the Kursk hockey team.