Construction sites security

Construction sites security is one of the most important factors while planning construction as there are a lot of material values presented on construction sites at each stage of building. Construction materials, tools and equipment always lure dishonest persons and unfinished buildings are often exposed to vandalism.

The security group «Rodina» offers construction site security services. We use technical means and physical security to provide 24-hour control of sites and prevent any unlawful act.

How to secure construction sites

Security provision of construction sites is complicated due to the peculiarities connected with the construction process:

  • At first stage building machinery, workmen's shelters and fences are to be guarded
  • With the beginning of the construction process income and outcome of materials and equipment should be supervised and safety of storages should be provided
  • At the finishing stage increased control over material values and their flow must be organised due to increased number of workers on sites.

Construction sites security services provided by a private security organisation ensure maximum protection and safety of equipment and building materials. We acknowledge and take into consideration all peculiarities and sore spots of building process and develop our safety measures basing on protection against property damage and thievery on secured areas.

The following principles are crucial to security measures implementation:

  • Guards must identify potential threats on time and not let them be brought into action
  • Security measures are developed according to the characteristics of bounding process meaning different package of measures is to be created for each stage of construction process. This helps to evade all potential risks
  • Every building site is unique and needs individual technical security means and a plan of physical security that would provide 24-hour site monitoring and prompt reaction to any violations of order

The cost of construction site security services

The cost of construction site security services depends on its characteristics and goals established by the client. Building companies usually have a separate line in their budget dedicated to security services.

No businessman can underestimate the importance of construction site security as final results depend on it. That is why it is preferable to know the price for the security services in advance.

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