Logistics hubs security

Logistics hubs and warehouses security is aimed at safety of material values presented at warehouses.

It is sometimes falsely assumed that logistics facilities do not need much security by reason of little stream of people. But lack of security can result in thievery, fraud and purposeful deterioration of goods that is why it is so important to secure warehouses and logistics hubs.

How to secure warehouses

Warehouse security services provided by a private company is a package of services aimed at counteracting any threat to a facility

  • illegal goods dispatch
  • thievery
  • emergency situations

«Rodina» security group offers logistics hubs security services. Our staff are specialists highly qualified in areas of development and implementation of security measures. We guarantee safety of your property and protection against any threat.

The following measures are presented while developing a safety measures plan

Physical security Technical security means
  • pass office
  • documents and delivery notes verification
  • anti-intrusion protection
  • territory patrol
  • constant video monitoring
  • security and alarm systems
  • access control system

The cost of warehouses security service

The cost of warehouses security services depends on peculiarities of a facility and client’s objectives. When companies and organisations use warehousing services they need to be ensured in their maximum safety. It is irrational to save on security in situations alike.

We will develop a package of services that would meet your budget and needs and provide your warehouses with reliable and advantageous protection.