Residential complexes security

Reliable residential complexes security is the main factor for safety of tenants and their property. Metal doors only give false feeling of protection but do not really protect anyone from burglars in current social climate.

Professional security measures are essential for tenants to feel as safe as a church.

Residential complexes security services provided by a private security organisation are complex measures aimed at prevention of any attempt to do harm to an apartment house or a town house village tenants. The professional team of the «Rodina» security group is ultimately experienced in development and implementation of security measures for apartment and detached houses.

How to secure residential complexes

Residential complexes security services provide total safety to tenants. This means that a private security company assumes responsibilities for their lives and material values. The following measures are to be organised to achieve the goal:

  • entrance and related territory monitoring
  • monitoring of elevators and other engineering systems operation
  • peace and order keeping
  • protection from objectionable individuals’ intrusions, etc.

These factors can provide the realisation of the measures above:

  • physical security, e.g. territory patrol, pass office, visitors’ documents verification, etc.;
  • video monitoring on floors and in halls of apartment blocks;
  • fire alarm and alerting system;
  • integrated security systems that react promptly to any unauthorised entry.

Town house villages security has certain peculiarities. Pass office, patrolling and video monitoring are to be installed as it is very important to pay special attention to entries and leaves record and unauthorised entries prevention.

The cost of residential complexes security services

The cost for residential complexes and town house villages security is set basing on the objectives and demands of a property management company or a housing cooperative. The «Rodina» security group offers package services for every type of facility. We develop efficient security programmes to counteract any threat.

Our pricing policies aim at high quality services for reasonable prices.

Our team has all necessary skills to cope with emergency situations and implement their duty with distinction.

Collaborate with us to provide your domiciles with maximum protection from any possible threat!