Retail Security

Retail facilities (shops, hypermarkets, markets, etc) are always very attractive to malicious persons as they possess numerous valuables.

Security of retail facilities should guarantee total safety of personnel, visitors and material values presented.

The security group «Rodina» provides integrated safety and security services to retail facilities. Modern equipment and technical means help our highly qualified specialists protect material values and goods on each stage from warehouses to sales outlets and prevent any unlawful act in time.

How to secure retail facilities

Security of retail facilities sets the following tasks:

  • Safeguarding of the employees and clients
  • Material values protection
  • Control over loading and discharging of the goods at warehouses and in traderooms
  • Employees and clients monitoring for theft prevention
  • Cashiers’ work monitoring

In order to solve such diverse problems it is necessary to use physical security as well as engineering and technical systems. Private security organisations base their measures on creating a security conception that accounts all of the vulnerabilities of a site. Depending on particular characteristics of a trade facility a package of security measures for maximum protection is developed.

It may include:

  • constant video monitoring of warehouses, traderooms, cashiers’ work;
  • physical security meaning constant presence of guards in uniform in traderooms;
  • first aid in emergency situations;
  • maintenance of order on parking lots;
  • pass office installation with an option of visits and leaves record;
  • examination of transport and carrier’s notes;
  • surrounding areas control;
  • identification of security suspects and prevention of violation of law and order.

Cost of retail security services

The cost of retail security services depends a lot on special characteristics of a retail facility, volume of security services and means in use and that is why it is impossible to set cost for retail security services.

In the security group «Rodina» we try our best to find an effective solution and save our clients from superfluous expenses.

The protection measures we develop are ergonomic, targeted and massive.

The cost of retail security services also depends on the proficiency level of staff employed. Our staff:

  • are highly qualified licensed specialists
  • have undertaken special trainings and constantly improve their qualifications
  • have the skills of prompt response to various abnormal situations

They strictly follow the instructions and implement their duties and any settled goals.

We always study characteristics of a site thoroughly and constantly monitor the security situation there in order to evaluate risks and take measures needed to counteract them.