Shopping centres security

Shopping and recreational centres security services are always in demand as these facilities are high risk establishments. They are easy terrorist activity targets and huge amount of material values attract thefts.

High quality professional security of trade centres is crucial as it ensures employees and visitors’ safety and also protection of material values and money.

How to secure shopping centres

Shopping centres security bases on analysis of potential threats to a facility:

  • internal factors: incompetent or unlawful acts of personnel or visitors (thievery, deterioration of goods and equipment, etc);
  • external factors: terror attempts, emergency and extremal situations, etc.

To prevent these situations private security companies implement various measures:

  • 24-hour building and related territory video monitoring
  • pass-office in staff and service areas, verification of visitors and staff’s documents
  • supervision of goods flow inside the shopping centre, consignment notes verification for incoming and outcoming material values
  • peacekeeping

Shopping centre security services provided by a private security company also include prompt response activity plan in case of an emergency.

The main goal of any shopping centre security measures is the protection of lives and heath of people, thievery and property damage prevention. In this case video monitoring over risk areas (common facilities, staff and service areas, related territory) and physical security (mobile and fixed guard posts) are the most efficient.

The cost of shopping centres security services

The cost is formed individually depending on special characteristics of a facility and measures needed. The security group «Rodina» offers security services for a reasonable and fair price. It is much more pleasant to invest your money in security services than to remedy the consequences of unfortunate incidents, that can crush not only your property but also reputation. Protect your business by relying on professionals!