From August 18 to September 2, а group of SG “Rodina” employees headed by Alexei Olegovich Snetkov made the long-awaited climb to the world-famous Elbrus.

The participants of this dangerous journey set the goals:  to see the beauty of the mountain peaks, test themselves for endurance and, of, course, to conquer the famous peak.

During the climbing session, the travelers faced difficulties at least once, the main of which was weather conditions, including strong wind, fog, and snow.

As a result of a two-week trip, the main goal was achieved despite the constant weather and temperature changes. – Elbrus was climbed on the western peak at an altitude of 5642 meters above sea level! In this honor, the flag of SG “Rodina” was hoisted on the mountain, testifying to the desire of employees to win, achieve new personal records, and of course, team cohesion.

A.O. Snetkov expresses sincere gratitude to the colleagues traveling with him and declares that they will not stop there; there are still many goals ahead, both in extreme travel and at work!