Business centres and offices security

Business centres and offices security is important not only for employees and visitors’ safety, but also for successful business operation in general.

Every company possesses material values, intellectual property and confidential informations not supposed to leak from premises. Only professional security service can guarantee that.

«Rodina» security group offers security services to offices and premises. Our specialists are highly qualified professionals in areas of development and implementation of security measures. Your property will always be well protected.

How to secure business centres or offices

Secured functioning of an office depends on the following factors:

  • Life and health safety of the employees and visitors
  • Proper operation of utility and engineering systems
  • Safety and security of bonds, money, financial reports, equipment and other property
  • Protection of facilities from objectionable individuals’ intrusions

The following measures insure protection of Moscow and regional offices:

  1. Pass-offices setting up for examination of entrances and leaves;
  2. Access and alarm systems installation;
  3. End-of-the-day premises control;
  4. Workplace morale and public order maintenance.

The cost of business centres and offices security services

The cost of business centres and offices security services bases on the current tasks and goals. It includes the prices for the following measures:

  • security equipment installation and service
  • physical security services
  • equipment and hardware technical support
  • facilities examination and necessary measures development

The team of professionals from security group «Rodina» provides your premises with strong and reliable protection against any threat

Our specialists take up trainings and upgrade their professional skills regularly so that they can implement duties of any level of difficulty to a good quality. You are 100% certain that your employees and property are under best protection when you use our service.

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