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On March 1, 2017, the security group “Rodina” started cooperation with the famous world clothing brand “Koton.” We provide store security in the following cities: Moscow – “Mega” Khimki, St. Petersburg – shopping mall “Gallery,” Krasnodar – shopping mall “Red Square.”

The company “Koton” is an international fashion brand involved in selling modern youth clothing. The collection catalog includes clothing for women, men, and children, as well as shoes and accessories. The history of its development is very impressive. Starting with one family-owned store opened in 1988 in Istanbul, the company has grown to a global scale, with more than 200 sales outlets in the world today!

We wish the “Koton” company successful growth and development and guarantee that our employees will ensure absolute protection of the facility. Your safety is our job!

From August 18 to September 2, а group of SG “Rodina” employees headed by Alexei Olegovich Snetkov made the long-awaited climb to the world-famous Elbrus.

The participants of this dangerous journey set the goals:  to see the beauty of the mountain peaks, test themselves for endurance and, of, course, to conquer the famous peak.

During the climbing session, the travelers faced difficulties at least once, the main of which was weather conditions, including strong wind, fog, and snow.

As a result of a two-week trip, the main goal was achieved despite the constant weather and temperature changes. – Elbrus was climbed on the western peak at an altitude of 5642 meters above sea level! In this honor, the flag of SG “Rodina” was hoisted on the mountain, testifying to the desire of employees to win, achieve new personal records, and of course, team cohesion.

A.O. Snetkov expresses sincere gratitude to the colleagues traveling with him and declares that they will not stop there; there are still many goals ahead, both in extreme travel and at work!

The 4th International Eurasian Forum “Taxi” took place in Moscow at Radisson Royal Hotel between 4th and 5th of August. According to the organizers, the aim of the event was: “to unite efforts of public authorities, business communities and the general public for the sustainable development of the taxi industry and development of effective solutions to improve the quality and safety of taxis.”

Over 600 people attended the event. Among them were not only participants of the taxi industry, but also representatives of state and federal authorities, as well as specialized non-profit organizations.

The format of the event included not only a round table and conferences but also an exhibition program, which presented electric cars and electric charging stations, specialized cars, automotive electronics, the latest examples of taxi motorized platforms, software for the taxi industry, and more.

The forum was held with the support of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Department of Transport and Road Transport Infrastructure of Moscow, specialized federal and regional ministries and departments, and LLC “RN-Kart,” an operator of cashless payments at Rosneft, became an official partner.

Such an international event requires great responsibility and high-quality services; therefore, the safety of the entire site was provided by SG “Rodina.” During the business program and exhibition, our staff enforced the order, preventing the occurrence of conflicts and unauthorized access to the area, and also ensuring the safety of the expensive exhibits. The event was held without any incidents or emergencies, thanks to the well-coordinated and operational work of the employees of SG “Rodina.”

On June 1, 2016, Saratov hosted “Big Football Festival” that was dedicated to the International Children’s Day. Over 6000 people attended the festive program. The chief guests of the event were the Mayor of the city Valery Nikolaevich Saraev, as well as coaches from the “Zenit” children’s academy (St. Petersburg).

The event was held on Teatralnaya Square from 12.00 to 18.00. During the celebration, contests and competitions for children were organized in a large football field, where there were raffled tickets for summer gatherings in Sochi.

At night, the staff of SG “Rodina” ensured the safety of the equipment that had been brought and installed on the stage for the festive concert and during the festival, the staff were involved in the following tasks:

– permit regime;

– coordination of guests at the entrance;

– securing perimeter, internal and adjacent territory, scene;

– ensuring general order in the area;

– protection of constructions and festival props; 

– prevention of any conflict situations among competitors and festival guests.

It is always an increased responsibility to ensure the safety of a mass event, and especially a holiday with a large number of children. Therefore, our employees prepared and developed a set of measures in advance for the implementation of security in the territory of Teatralnaya Square. Any conflicts or emergencies were prevented during the festival. All guests, including children and their parents were under the reliable protection of SG “Rodina” all day long.

The organizers of the festival expressed gratitude to the security group “Rodina” that provided round-the-clock security of the entire festival area. 

SG RODINA takes an active part in ensuring security at the 2016 World Hockey Championship. The best employees serve in law enforcement within the territory of the Yubileiny Sports Complex in St. Petersburg.

Throughout the event, the employees of the Security Group, together with the police, maintained public order, protected the property of one of the official sponsors of the 2016 World Championship, and our regular client Raiffeisen Bank, monitored compliance with all rules of conduct in public places.

The entire staff of the security group “Rodina” is a fan of the Russian National Hockey Team and wishes it to become WORLD CHAMPIONS!

ROSKOSMOS Corporation, with the support of the authorities in dozens of cities, launched the All-Russian campaign “Raise your head!” on April 2, in honor of the 55th anniversary of the first human flight into space.

On the opening day in the town squares, the participants launched into the sky 108 thousand balloons with portraits of the legendary Yuri Gagarin. The symbolic number 108 depict the how many minutes the first space journey lasted.

Also, the installation “Gagarin’s start,” which is a model of the Vostok rocket, was mounted in each participating city for the entire period of the campaign, from April 12 to 27. The best employees of the security group “Rodina” in all regions of Russia were responsible for security at the venue of this large-scale event and guarded the art object. SG “Rodina” successfully coped with the task!

Thousands of people attended the venue during the 15 days of the campaign.  .  Flashmob participants lined up to personally “launch” a rocket by clicking on the “I love space” button with a proud exclamation “Let’s go!”. ROSKOSMOS will summarize the campaign and announce the most active city onApril 27, the last day of the campaign.,

For reference: on April 12, 1961, at 09:07 a.m., from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the steppe of the Kazakh SSR, a carrier rocket with the Vostok spacecraft was launched, on which 27-year-old Yuri Gagarin, the member of the first cosmonaut detachment, was the first to make his legendary flight into the space. After his successful flight, Yuri Gagarin became known around the world. Yuri Gagarin, pilot-cosmonaut of the Vostok spacecraft-satellite, returned to earth and withstood overloads. The flight lasted 108 minutes.

Vladimir Chernikov, head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism of Moscow, argues that security in Moscow is at a higher level than in many major European and American cities, and it is comparable to security in Berlin.

It is worth noting that the security of the Russian capital at the level of the quietest cities in Europe, and it is higher in quality than in New York, London, and Paris. Our security is quite perfect. By comprehensive indicators, Moscow is almost at the level of Berlin – one of the most peaceful cities in Europe. “The safety statistics indicator of 0.01%,” among tourists is absolutely pleasing to us,”- he said.

According to Chernikov, the capital pays great attention to security not only in the main streets but also in yards, underpasses, and educational institutions.

“Moscow, in fact, is one of the safest cities. It pays great attention to the safety of citizens. The Safe Capital program has been developed and is being successfully implemented; its result has been a significant reduction in crime over the past five years to 50% for certain types of crimes. More than 145 thousand high-resolution surveillance cameras have been installed on Moscow streets and in yards as part of this program. About 100 thousand cameras have been installed in the buildings’ entrances. The cameras have been also installed in underpasses, in the metro, educational institutions, and land transport.” – the head of the Department of National Policy, Interregional Relations, and Tourism summed up.

From March 11 to March 13, 2016, Kursk hosted the second International Tournament “Height 776” dedicated to the memory of soldiers of the 6th Airborne Forces company. The tournament brought together about 300 participants from 16 regions of Russia and Belarus.

The organizers of this large-scale event were the All-Russian Organization for the Development of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the Alexander Povetkin Foundation «Renaissance,» «the Public Airborne Union named in honor of Hero of Russia Dmitry Zhidkov,» the agency “VITYAZ” and the Security Group “Rodina.” The tournament was supported by the government of the Kursk region.

The Security Group “Rodina” is convinced that such competitions as «Height 776» provide us the opportunity to contribute to the development of society, Russian youth and the country’s future.

The opening ceremony of the tournament was attended by the Champion of the Olympic Games, the World Boxing Champion – Alexander Povetkin; the chairman of the Committee on Sport and Youth Policy of the Kursk Region – Alexander Markovchin’ the president of the MMA Russia – Sergey Evdokimov; representatives of the Security Agencies of Russia and Belarus, war veterans of various years, who in their speech thanked all the athletes who came to pay tribute to the memory of the heroically died soldiers of the 6th company of the 104th Airborne Regiment.

The tournament also had a patriotic orientation to the young people, who witnessed firsthandthe Russian warrior heroeswho really need to be emulated, whom they strive to be like.

Article: MySLO Portal

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